Thursday, 22 August 2019

Free Metal Show - 62

 Kicking off the bands today we have Grass from Brooklyn, New York, USA. This Stoner Rock foursome have their "Fresh Grass" release up name your price on Bandcamp.

Go get and check it out HERE

 Next up is some more Stoner but with a more Metal than Rock edge to it. Adaptive Radiation hail from Saink Peterberg and have a couple of EPs up for you to check out/download from their page.
Recombination - 2018
Self-titled - 2012
Go and pick up this brace of cool digital downloads HERE

Lastly here is a demo by Mountain Demon a Thrash/Heavy Metal band from Austin, Texas. This 3 track demo came out in 2009 and band member Luke Offield has it up for name your price on his Bandcamp. He has a few other of his musical projects you can check out on there too.

Go check out his page HERE

Check out the latest podcast HERE

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