Sunday, 29 May 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 141

It stands proud at about 15 inches from base to tip.

It is so thick it takes two hands to wrap around it's mighty girth!

It's big and white with a great big bulbous head!

I love showing it to anybody who'd care to take a look, and those that do have been known to say, "Oooh my, that's a mighty fine one can I have a go on it?"

Yes it is my one and only new microphone an expensive but lovely Yeti Whiteout Mic that I just bought at the same time as purchasing my new laptop. So with these new bits of kit I am hoping that the sound quality of this show is gonna be cool, in fact it's may be too good, picking up outside traffic, the toilet flushing a dozen times, conversations from the kitchen etc etc Never mind though cos as usual the music is awesome! We've got Polish bands, American bands, Canadian bands and even prehistoric dinosaur bands!! Death, thrash, doom & black metal stuff, fun for all the family 

With the following bands-



DMR (Death Metal Rednecks)


War Curse



Tales of the Tomb

Andino Demon

Van Halst


The Whorehouse Massacre





All music used with the kind permission of the bands. All copyrights belong to the bands.

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NO plastic 

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