Tuesday, 3 June 2014

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 39

Oi you lot, sit down and shut up, click play and listen to some bloody great metal music and some daft but possibly humorous DJing. Enjoy the bloody show or we'll find you and defile you in ways too disgusting to mention!! Also buy a zombie book off of our mate Vickie Johnstone, cos it's got zombies in it and she is a metalhead and a podophile so all our putrid podophiles should check her writing out. (She writes kid's books too which you might prefer if zombies are too scary for you!!) 

Bands on this week's show are:-


Savage Aggression 



Dublin Death Patrol 

Iron Reagan 

Furor Gallico 


Dismal Euphony 

Anvil Bitch 

Hate Plow 

Evil Invaders 

Hades Almighty 

Deep Machine 


Concrete Sox 

All music used with the kind permission of the bands. All copyrights belong to the bands.

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NO plastic 

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