Thursday, 11 January 2018

Free Metal Show - 1

Hey there folks, I just thought it would be cool to help a few people out by spreading the word on some great free metal music that is available out there on the net. I am not talking illegal downloads, this is stuff that the bands and the labels WANT you to have. There is so much available and I want to help the bands get it out there and I want to introduce you guys to some great music too.

For this 1st show I chose 3 great compilations for you all to check out.

Special Thanks to Stephanie Bell of Slayer of Pixels for cover design! \m/\m/
1st up is from Asher Media Relations who are a promo company who provide underground bands with the media attention that they deserve, getting their music out to all media outlets ranging from Print, Radio, Online & Television across Canada and beyond. They supply me with tracks by a ton of great bands across a varied amount of genres and I have played their bands a LOT. And hand on heart I have pretty much enjoyed every one of them.

Get your hands and ears on this download

Next up is this year in review from Hate Pain Gore Death Productions out've Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 39 tracks from bands from 2017 all available for absolutely FREE. Which is fan-frigging-tastic!! Catering for the HEAVY side of the metal spectrum this is a must for fans of sickness and bludgeoning blasting blitzs!!

Download it HERE

Finally for this week we have the free sampler from Relapse Records. Pretty much every metal head will know of this label for they have some pretty much household* names on their discography. The sampler is entirely FREE to stream and download however if you choose to contribute to the pay-what-you-want model, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Rock To The Future, a non-profit organization that provides music education for Philadelphia’s underserved youth at no cost to them or their families.

I did a blog post about this before but it's so good it is worth repeating for sure.

Click HERE to download it

Remember, these links are good at the time of writing this blog, but they could get deleted at any time so grab them whilst they are there \m/

(*Alright maybe only in metal households)

Check out some great music

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