Thursday, 15 March 2018

Free Metal Show - 10


Texan Stoner/Doom band Lungrot have got a load of cool improvisational Psych-Doom jams on their Bandcamp page, there's about 20 releases on there created since the band formed in 2014 and I think they are all name your price. Check them out HERE

Staying in the States and on the Doomy side of Metal we have Rhino King from Boston, Massachusetts. (Fallout 4 country!!) 

They play Sludge/Doom and since their inception they have released a live demo and an EP, the latter of which called "Beneath the Waves" can be picked up for free (or a small donation if you like) HERE

Lastly we have some caustic 
"One-man Slutanic Black Metal from 

Formed in 2015 and hailing from Quezon City in the Philippines, I 1st played them on my Philippines special a year ago.

They have the "Scummilingus" EP and the "Phallosophy" album available for free on their band camp page and they will not disappoint if you favour your BM fast and nasty!

Download these bad boys HERE

Check out some great music

Or if you are after some band merch have a look HERE


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