Friday, 7 December 2012

Anti-Christmas Bash V - 2012 @ The Garage

Burial, Infected Disarray, Vomitous, Indecent Excision, Corpus Mortale - 7.12.12

As the flyer above so rightly states, an evening of extreme brutality and brutal it bloody well was. Grindethic records are the doyens of Death Metal in the capital putting on a plethora of putrid pit-frenzied gigs over the years and this was their 5th annual Anti-Christmas bash, a brutal blast to get you through the festive period. Even Santa Claus was involved, he had two stockings full of goodies and accompanied by his trusty elf he gave out free CDs to all the party-goers. Them stockings stuffed with goodies were damned heavy and Santa never even got offered any eggnog or a Christmas cookie but he got something much better a free ticket to the show and I should know cos I was that Santa as the flyer below shows :)

Santa popped out for a bit to have a sneaky can of K and to root through the remaining CDs in the bag to keep for himself cos he's a bad Santa and he was well pissed off to only catch the end of Corpus Mortale's set cos they sounded old-school DM and awesome


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