Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Dem Old Tapes - Part 37 - Vladimir

Here is a quick look at another of the old demo tapes from my collection. This week it's a band called Vladimir, a Gothic/Doom Metal band from Milan, Italy. They were around from 1994 - 1998 and had 2 demos and an EP out in their time. The tape from my collection this week is their 1st demo from 1995 "Lost in My Tears". It's album length though, so it's a pretty long old demo!! 

Marco Zampieri - Drums
Riccardo Sirtoni - Keyboards
Manuel Albericci - Guitars
Mauro Zappa - Guitars
Patrick Ledda - Vocals, Bass

 Track List
1. My Dead Dream
2. La prière
3. Why Should We Die?
4. Alone
5. Enshrouding Death
6. So Beautiful
7. Sweet Pure Flower

I will be playing a track off of this demo on my next podcast and as this demo is so old and the band are now defunct hopefull they won't mind me putting up on the archive site for you folks to stream and or download

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