Thursday, 1 November 2018

Free Metal Show - 42

Starting off this week we have melodic Death Metal from Equivalence from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. They have 2 releases out so far...

Full-length 2012 - Moon-Lit Haven

EP 2018 - Dead Man's Path
... both of which are up on their Bandcamp page at 'name your price' HERE

Next up we have Good Ol' 13 a Southern Rock/Groove band from Finland. These guys formed in 2012, they have 2 singles and an EP under their belts so far... 
EP 2014 - I Ain't Dead Till I Say So!
All of these and more are up on their Bandcamp, go check them out HERE

Finally for this week, here's some brutal Death Metal from Spilling Entrails, these guys from San Antonio, Texas / Weidman, Michigan, USA were around from 2013 - 2017. They recorded a demo and 2 cool full-length albums...
2014 - Slamosaurus Rex

2015 - Humanity's Final Hour
Both these full-lengths are up 'name your price' on their Bandcamp HERE

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