Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Dem Old Tapes - Part 11 - Treason/Ashes to Ashes

These guys from London started out as Treason with a brief change to Ashes to Ashes for a while before changing it back. They started life in 1988 as a Thrash band and I 1st heard them on the classic "A Taste of Armageddon" compilation album.

Their write up on Metal Archives is a bit confusing and doesn't match to my memory but that's no surprise as I am not the memory master!! According to my memory I bought this ep..
...quite a while before this demo with the changed name came out. 
Metal Archives doesn't agree though so I won't argue. What is strange though is that for the EP "Path of No Return" it shows a 2 song tape not a 4 song vinyl release which is what I have and other than the title track being the same on this record the rest are different!!

Anyway both the releases I have report the same line up - 

Julian McBride - Bass
John Seaton - Vocals, Guitars
Martin Bourne - Guitars
Jon Hutter - Guitars
Rob Lewis - Drums

I have put the Ashes to Ashes demo up onto an archive site for people to give it a listen. I hope that the band will be OK with that. If you see this and you are not happy to have your old music heard in this way please get in touch and I will take it down.

They brought out 3 albums after these releases in a more Progressive Rock/Metal style.

I will be playing a track off of the demo on my next podcast so tune in for that and check out my latest show HERE too whilst you wait.


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