Sunday, 19 March 2017

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 183

Hey there podophiles, here I go with another show, great tunes as always and me in full force, full frontal nudity nonsense to the Nth degree!! This show has a good mix of death, black, thrash and doom metal and it's got those fascinating features that you all love so much, The Randomizer chooses 3 cool tracks, Track 13 is a modern clasic by some old masters, The MUG band of the week are cool as usual and Poetry Corner and the double of the day have a royal connection!!!

Now can you dig it suckas?

Bands this week are - 

Dead End Finland

Of the Sun

Demonic Resurrection

Mortal Strike

Reverend Bizarre

Legacy of Cynthia

Heavy Temple






Black Sabbath

Legacy of Emptiness

Under the Church



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