Saturday, 31 December 1994

The Corpsegrinder

Years ago I used to do a Pirate Radio Metal show out of a loft in Lewisham. The station was called Radio Argus and had a number of different DJs including my dad, Catman Jack with his Rockin' and Rollin' 50's hop!! I was introduced to it by my mate another DJ who went by the name Mr Gore. This was way back before we did The Braindead Club together and he formed Gorerotted. My 1st appearance was as a guest on his show actually. I joined the station taking on the name of The Corpsegrinder.

Anyway here is some links to a few of the shows in archive, some of them have quite poor sound quality and in some I get quite pissed! Give them a listen and let me know what you think!!

This 1st show is Grey as a guest with Mr Gore

The Corpsegrinder/Cheesegrater New Years Eve Show 1994

The Corpsegrinder 15.10.95
The Corpsegrinder 29.10.95

Corpsegrinder Live 12.11.95

Corpsegrinder & The Ice Dragon 24.12.95

Corpsegrinder & The Ice Dragon 11.2.1996
Corpsegrinder & Count Bathory 30.3.96

Corpsegrinder & Mr Gore 7.4.96 ( Part 1 & 2)
Corpsegrinder & Mr Gore 7.4.96 ( Part 3)
Corpsegrinder Fill In Show
Corpsegrinder Night Train Taped Show

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