Sunday, 27 November 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 167

After 3 weeks of themed shows there is no specific theme this week other than the regular "DJ Grey is a twat" theme that is kind of par for the course. 

Lots of great bands of course and the always highly regarded regular features The Randomizer, Track 13, Poetry Corner and The Double of the Day

This weeks poem is by my homegirl Vickie Johnstone, she does books too so go check out her page and buy her stuff

Bands on this weeks show are - 

Red Cain

Mosh-Pit Justice


Hate Plow






Infecting the Swarm

Jagged Mouth


A Tortured Soul




Sunday, 20 November 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 166

This week's show I talk about Sarcoma Fest 2, a great show for a great cause put on by a great fella with help from some of his great mates which includes the members of the following great bands

Chemical Storm
These guys don't have a song on this show as they haven't recorded anything yet, but catch them at the Sarcoma Fest 2 gig

These following bands are all playing Sarcoma Fest 2 and have tracks on the show today

Morag Tong



Fallen Titan


Infected Dead

Serpent Venom

These next 3 bands were chosen by Colin as bands that he loves \m/

Wretched Soul



And the rest of the show is made up with cool tracks by -







Other Links -
Fighting Cancer With Poetry.Org

Sarcoma Fest 2 event page

Colin's justgiving donation page

Sunday, 13 November 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 165

There are two great gigs coming up this week, Titanfest on the 19th and the Pre-show party the night before.

Check out the event information below

Titanfest Pre-show


All but the last 2 bands on today's show are playing at these upcoming gigs, so buy your tickets and go and check these awesome shows out \m/

The last two bands are played as the Double of the Day, as tribute this Remembrance Sunday to those who fought in war and to those who died 

With tracks by -


Meat Train




Bull-Riff Stampede

Seven Sisters

Mechanical God Creation








Eastern Front

Bolt Thrower

Friday, 11 November 2016

Catman Jack's 50's Hop - Show 27 - November 2016

Sorry cats, kittens and hound dogs due to stinking colds we weren't able to do the Halloween show last month, but fear not we are our equally drunk and scary selves on this months show :)
We are using a new laptop and the sound seems a bit tinny but hopefully the music will more than make up for us sounding weird!
Great tunes for you this month as always, if you dig the show please share it with your friends and go and like our Facebook page

This week we play tracks by -

Merril E. Moore

Bobby Day

John Little John

Richard Riggins

Pep Torres

Clifton Chenier

Sonny Burgess

Chuck Dallas

Wayne Walker

Vince & The Sun Rockers

Joe Clay

Sonny Boy Williamson

Gene Norman

Jimmy Rogers

Jimmy Reed

Little Willie John

Hayden Thompson

Skeets McDonald

The Wise Guyz

Boozoo Chavis

Ray Sharp

Dennis Herrold

Backstreet Boogie

Ray Smith

Jittery Jack

Sean Coleman & The Quasars

Sunday, 6 November 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 164

Clash of The Titans \m/ 

In honour (sort of) of the upcoming Titanfest in London on November 19th (with awesome pre-show on the 18th), I present to you a show about The Titans, the giant gods who ruled before The Olympians in Greek Mythology
Enjoy the show and share the link otherwise I may go all castratey on you like Cronus did to his dad, or else ram a thunderbolt up your arse in true Zeus fashion!

Bands on the show this week are -

Check out some great music

To buy the film that influenced this show check out 
Clash of The Titans

For more information check out these links for 
Greek Mythology


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