Saturday, 31 December 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 172

Iiiiiiiiit's Cthulhumas!!!!!

Yes the 3rd annual celebration of our impending doom and destruction is here once again where we check to see if the stars are right or whether the South Pacific Ocean is boiling and broiling and gurgling up any cyclopean, sanity blasting, non-euclidean sunken cities. 

Yes we worship/cower/scream in abject terror and slip into comfortable insanity whilst contemplating dread Cthulu and all of the dark and squamous things that gibber forth from the Necronomicon. 

Let's all howl at the gibbous moon and shoggoth down the pub for some alcohol induced amnesia

I play exaltations to The Old Ones, The Elder Things and The Outer Gods by the following bands


Don't forget to go check out this excellent website for all your Cthulhu/Lovecraft related info and especially check out The Lovecraft Geek Podcast. I pinched his intro to put at the beginning of this week's show, so the least I can do is try and get him a few new listeners


Happy New Year fuckers, or should I say Dreadful Cthulhumas tasty mortal morsels

Download these 2 free compilation CDs, before she, he, it, or um ze?? awakens!!!! Cthulhu supports gender neutral pronouns, you all taste the same no matter what proclivities you enjoy, genitalia you own or false god you worship

Get Happy Metal Annihilation Compilation, free on Bandcamp

and also
2016 Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler


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Saturday, 17 December 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 170

This weeks show is a wee bit early as it is nearly Christmas and tomorrow lunch time I am down the pub for some secret Santa shenanigans. Tonight I am putting up the tree with my high priestess of passion my lovely Lisa. We is gonna get drunk and dance nekkid around the tree and rut like stags in the proper pagan manner.

Enjoy the tunes and tune in next week for the Christmas show and the week after for Cthulhu-mass, the most sacred day in the cultists calendar... well I invented it but hopefully it'll catch on

Songs by the following bands are on this weeks show - 









Linceul Charnel



The Franks Daredevils




The Press Gang

Monday, 12 December 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 169

Never fear, High Speed Hangover Podcast is here!! Faster than a speeding dildo, more powerful than the cord on a string of anal beads! Able to buy small things with a single pound.... Damnit I needa new description writer, I am all out of ideas and poorly rehashing old ones.... It's not like anyone reads this shit anwya, I am not ewven gonna spellcheck it, cos fucki it who cares, I am gonna tyoe it wothout eben looking at ther screen, hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa boob obbohoohohho yeah whatever, tune in next week for motree dribvel 

Bands on this week are -


Queen Elephantine


Malevolent Creation


Barbarian Swords

Doom's Day



End My Sorrow


Morgana Lefay

Ass To Mouth


Demise of The Crown


Sunday, 4 December 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 168

Everything on this weeks show is fresh and new and in no way a rehash of previous shows whatsoever, I swear, Scout's honour, I hold on to my magnificent balls and testify to this sworn truthhood! (Just checking for lumps actually, hmmm while I'm down here maybe just a quick wank to ensure everything still working ok)

No repetition, No compromise, No milk this weekend please, back Monday and can I get a loaf of bread too?

Bands on this weeks show are -


The fella from Sadael needs some dosh, send him some if you have it spare

Evil Scarecrow




Cerebral Fix

Tales of the Tomb


Inner Shadows - Deja-vu


Warlord UK