Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bloodcell, Crypsis, Kemakil & Necroriser @ The Unicorn - 1.12.11

This gig didn't work out too well for me filming wise. I think I missed Bloodcell, then my camera cut out during Crypsis and I just wasn't in the mood, plus Heavy Metal Muppets had their big posh camera there and my piddling little vidcam looked tame in comparison haha camera envy again ;)

Kemakil had line-up probs, Chris wasn't able to make it and Haydn had to pull out after actually getting to the venue so Rob & Aaron just blasted away and ruled the stage anyway :D

For some reason I didn't even film Necroriser this night! I think it was quite packed and I couldn't be arsed to find a spot to film from :( and then it seems that the Muppets never posted any footage from this gig up!! Oh well.

There is a great write up about this gig on the Heavy Metal Muppets blog, go read it HERE


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