Friday, 21 June 2013

Some sick lyrics I cam up with

 Hey friends of me, how ya doing? I wrote these lyrics for Mr Fra one day but he never used them and I fnd them quite amusing in a suitably sick manner. If anybody likes them and wants to pinch them feel free \m/

"hardcore sex"or so the sign said
you liked the sound of what you read
but unfortunately you missed the last word
because the letters had run and made it blurred
bad luck for you the last word was "change"
your about to be castrated by a man deranged

sex change in a brutal fashion
tears in your eyes as your balls are smashed in
surgical tools made in China
now you've got a vagina

destroyed all your manly bits
but added a cracking pair of tits
screaming, vomiting, going into shock
as you wave goodbye to your cock
balls are broken, hacked off with a scythe
so tell me how is your sex-life?

surgeon ignores your tortured pleas
as he fits you up with a pair of double D's
penis destroyed you'll never get another bone
chest implanted with mounds of silicone

pumped full of estrogen, adam's apple shaved
this sick surgeon fuck is totally depraved
to show the level of his depravity
he takes 1st go on your new female cavity

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