Sunday, 15 June 2014

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 41

They're baaaaack!! Do not adjust your computer, mp3 player or whatever device you choose to listen to this show on because that dastardly duo of Fra & Grey are back with another show of great metal but ever increasing daftness from the DJs. They are about one step away from banging rocks together and throwing their own excrement about now as they have devolved into daft chaos where once a sort of sensible show used to be. Enjoy our glorious podophiles and remember that Grey and Fra love all of you, though not all at the same time of course!! More next week folks plus our 1 year anniversary is coming soon so send us some sound clips wishing us a happy birthday and calling us both wankers xxx

Bands on this week's show are -

Visceral Evisceration 

Municipal Waste 

The Wounded Kings 

Condition Critical 

Candle Serenade 

Dust Bolt 




Nuclear Assault 

Razor of Occam 

Nocturnal Breed 



Victim Identified 

All music used with the kind permission of the bands. All copyrights belong to the bands.

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