Sunday, 1 May 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 137

It's May Day podophiles! Rejoice and dance gaily around DJ Grey's fertility pole, naked if you like, go on you might as well as the weather is nice! If this…

Sorry the info for this show has been deleted and is no longer available..... whoops

This was how I advertised it on the HSH page -

Enjoy your Wank Holiday Monday folks. Try not to get wrist strain, cramp or any friction burns whilst celebrating in the obligatory manner. And might I suggest the latest High Speed Hangover Podcast as a musical accompaniment to the deed or deeds. Tug, flick, squelch and whittle away to the rhythm of the music and reach conclusion to the sound of my sultry voice.

Enjoy \m/

And on my page I said -

OK folks, let's get nekkid and dance around my fertility pole to celebrate May Day! Or you can just listen to this podcast instead, that'll do I suppose.


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