Sunday, 27 August 2017

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 206

Well here it is the August themed show and this months theme is all about Chainsaws!!!! Yeah fire up the 2 stroke motors and use them chainsaws carefully and responsibly whilst listening to this great show. No scrub that, do not operate a chainsaw whilst listening to this show as it may result in spontaneous headbanging and lead to injury or death. I play a load of bands called Chainsaw and a load of songs with 'chainsaw' in the title. Obviously with a chainsaw theme I had to mention the film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it is really kinda crazy how I learn about director Tobe Hooper's death as I am mid-way through talking about him on the show! As a fan of metal, you can't not love horror movies surely and I am old enough to remember these films from when they 1st came out when VHS was still a baby! So it is so sad to hear of his passing. I dedicate this show to his memory, thanks for the great films over the years, much love and respect \m/

Bands on this week's show are - 


Here is the link to an article I sourced for Chainsaw facts

This is the link for that free grindcore compilation I mentioned

Mearfest - go like their page and buy your tickets to Mearfest South \m/


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