Thursday, 25 January 2018

Free Metal show - 3

Here is some more great free metal music for you to download. 

1st off we have 2 full length albums of thrash/sludge metal from the UK band Old Iron King. "Lepers" from 2014 and "The Curse of the Crown" from 2015 are both Name Your Price on their Bandcamp Page

Then from London comes Red Hook, whose debut EP, 'I Am The Shadows', fuses bluesy stoner riffs with modern aggressive thrash. The theme of the EP is inspired by Bruce Wayne's transformation to Batman!! How bloody metal is that? It's also pretty geeky but that's no bad thing 😜 Check it out here 

Lastly here is the sampler from that great label Transcending Obscurity. This label gets played on my show at lot as they keep sending an endless stream of great promos and this 36 song digital download is a great taster of what they can deliver with death, black metal, doom and experimental tracks that should please you whatever your tastes in metal are.

Download it here

Check out some great music

Or if you are after some band merch have a look HERE


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