Thursday, 12 September 2019

Free Metal Show - 63

 We kick off this week with some great Thrash/Crossover from Saint Petersberg, Russia in the form of Combat Shock. These fellas have been thrashin' since 2015 and have released 2 demos and an EP so far in their existence.

Cold War II - Demo 2016
Sacrifice - EP 2017
Retaliation - Demo 2019
All 3 of these releases are available as name your price downloads from their Bandcamp page HERE

Next up is a one-man Brutal Death Metal project from Perth, Western Australia by the delightful name of Fetus Fertilizer. Daniel John has been putting out releases since 2013, with 4 EPs, a single and a compilation in the discography so far.
Human Atrocities - EP 2013
120 Days of Sodom - EP 2017
Exploitation - EP 2016
  I think that all of these are up on the Bandcamp page as name your price downloads so if you dig fast blasts go and check them out HERE

Finally from Switzerland we have another one-man project called Mask who creates Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal. Metal Archives has no date for when the project started and the fella (who only goes by the name Mask himself) has no Facebook page or similar online precense other than the Bandcamp page. He doesn't even have a band logo!
He does have the rather cool full length "Concrete Reflections and Rust Showers" album from 2018 available as a name your price download on his Bandcamp page though, so go check it out HERE


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