Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Dem Old Tapes - Part 44 - HAW (Hairy Axe Wound)

This week's tape I have hardly any information on, I don't remember buying it, I think I got it to review in my zine. The tape has no address on it, but I think they were from Yorkshire and had members from a band called The Enchanted but I could well be remembering incorrectly!! I reviewed it in my zine and I'm pretty sure I hated it. If memory serves I just saw it as a throwaway dirty joke by the guys, just having a bit of a laugh and not being at all serious with songwriting, production etc I just remembered they had some crazy origin story where singer Da Gash had a vagina for a mouth or something like that!! LOL kind of funny but daft as heck!

The demo plays like a recorded live session down the practice room and I couldn't be bothered to seperate it into tracks so I popped it all up as one file into the archive site if you want to give it a listen.

Track List
Inseminating Rectal Ballflaps
Slack Gash Attack
Deep Beaver
Torn Me Anus
Granny Wants Bumfun
Fucking Die
Quim of the "Hill"

Da Gash - Vox
Turd Burgla - Guitarz
Wank Biskit - Mor Guitaz
Rev Thurberger - Bass
Phalik Cukumba - Drums

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