Tuesday, 31 March 2020

High Speed Hangover Patreon Exclusive - Books - Part 2

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What with my new job and all this Corona virus hoo-haa I forgot that I hadn't done the Patreon special show for this month!! I was kind of sure I had done it already but of course I was bloody dreaming or something! Or perhaps I am just becoming a senile old twat!! Anyway, I realised it still needed doing, so here it is now done!! I am a bloody marvel but everything I do, I do it for you, my beloved PodOmaniacs. (Feel free to hear that last sentence in your heads as if it was sang by me doing my best Bryan Adams impersonation) Thanks for your continued support folks, you 4 super special people! So this is part 2 of the top 100 books themed special!! It's chock full of super tunes and if you are not currently signed up to my Patreon then why not do so now and you'll get access to all of my shows.

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