Sunday, 20 September 2020

High Speed Hangover - 364

Holy crap, there's only one more Sunday left in this month and I still haven't settled on a topic for this month's themed show or Patreon exclusive episode yet!! I'd better pull my damned finger out of my bum and get a shift on!! Check out this week's show though folks and go like all the band's pages and buy their products. Check out the band interviews I do on YouTube and support my Patreon too you tight fuckers, I need your cash to buy my drugs and prostitutes!!

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  1. Metal Grrrlll sez THANXX 🤘The world needs more people like you for the Love Of Metal🎶🤘🍺🎶

  2. Thanks for featuring my song!
    And also, you bet your ass I subbed to you on YouTube. Fair is fair my friend!

  3. Thank you for featuring Slump!!