Friday, 29 June 2012

Flesh Waster & Meadows @ The Unicorn - 29.6.12

It's over a year since I went to this gig so I can't remember what happened. I think that BastardHammer pulled out of the show and somehow I missed filming any of Nebukadnezza!! Which is a double shame as Nebz are a great band and I still am yet to catch the 'ammer live :(

Flesh Waster

This is the write-up from the FaceBook event page -

FLESH WASTER - energetic industrial chaos mixed with hallucinating guitar fuzz and electronics, a shot to the brian and a hole in the lung (I think they meant to say 'brain' haha) I can't find a link to this band on Facebook so you will have to search them out for yourselves.



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