Sunday, 25 January 2015

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 72

They're heeeeeere!!! Those poltergeists of putridness, those dickheaded DJs Grey & Fra return for their weekly load of metal related nonsense and shenanigans. Grey gives you an update on his penis and Fra challenges a podophile to a naked mud wrestling match, so all in all a pretty uneventful and usual day in the office type of show!! We hope you enjoy this stuff that we do, if so please share the show link out for us so these fine bands get lots of listens

Bands on this weeks show are -




Terror Cross 

Septic Tank 

Sadistic Ritual 

Iron Knights 

Decibel Hammer 


Madd Hatter 

Silence the Weak 

Rat Attack 

Voyage of Slaves 

Jerry's Kids 



All music used with the kind permission of the bands. All copyrights belong to the bands.

Some sound effect/music sources came from - 

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NO plastic 

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