Sunday, 21 August 2016

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 153

Hold on tight Podophiles for a bumpy ride of thrills, spills and adventure as High Speed Hangover Podcast goes all Superhero on yo' ass!!

Mild-mannered DJ Grey aka The Mighty Twat Man uses all of his impressive powers to bring you a superhero themed show!! Learn all about your favourite heroes with his indepth research, (2 minutes on Wikipedia), it's not for nothing that he is known as The World's Greatest Defective.

Tales of heroism, tragedy, comedy and masturbation abound in this collected graphic novel of The Grey Man's greatest triumphs!

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With the following heroic bands -

Grave Robber 



"Mummator and the Conquerors of the Cosmos" by Ben Avery and Tim Baron. 
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Check out the Wonder Woman post on my geeky blog Tales From the Grey Side too



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