Thursday, 30 May 2019

Free Metal Show - 54

 Here we go again with a trio of cool bands you can check and download free digital music from. 

1st up let me present to you Mongooze from Mosonmagyaróvár in Hungary. I swear I have not made that town name up but please don't ask me to try and say it! These guys play Southern Metal and formed in 2011 and have released 2 EPs thus far.....
From Despair to Hope - 2013

The Road We Walk On Leads To Smoke & Death - 2014

These are both available up on their Bandcamp page HERE

Next up we have Black/Thrash Metal band Wraith Rite from Madrid in Spain. These guys got going in 2016 and have a demo and an EP in their discography so far.
Awaken - Demo - 2017
A Little Horror Tale - EP - 2018
Go and get them right now from the band's page HERE

 Lastly for this week we have World Class White Trash a Groove Metal band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These guys were around from 2009 - 2018 and released just the one EP....

Dying in Slow Motion - 2018
It's up on their Bandcamp page right now for you to go and download HERE

Pop back the same time next week for links to 3 more free digital downloads, share this blog with your friends if you want to help spread the word.

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