Saturday, 23 September 2017

Catman Jack 50's Hop - Show 33 - September 2017

September is here and here is the September show!! Actually September is nearly over already!! Blimey!! Soon be Christmas!!

Check out this cool show cats, kittens & hound dogs, lots of great rockin' & rollin', boppin' & strollin' and jumpin' & jivin' tunes this month for you to strut your stuff to

With tracks by 

Hank Mizell meets FTB

Johnny Desmond

Luke McDaniel

Dean Hawley

Dustin and The All Nighters

Charlie Bop Trio

Sammy Masters and His Rocking Rhythm

TJ Mayes

Johnny Horton

The Jodimars

Albert Elias

The Booze Bombs

Cecil Moore

Mamie Bradley

Glenn Bland and Rhythm Kings

Ronny and Johnny

Scott Baker


Johnny Preston

Ronnie Dawson

Billy "Crash" Craddock

Jay Cee Hill

Sony Terry and Brownie McGee

Johnny and The Roccos

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