Thursday, 20 June 2019

Free Metal Show - 57

 Welcome to the show and another trio of Free/Name Your Price downloads that you can check out. 1st this week we have the cool Black/Death Metal band Gravespell from San Diego, USA. These guys have been around since 2008, (originally under a different name), and have got 5 releases under their belts so far, with such cool stuff as... 
Ignis - EP (2016)\
Dead Hand - EP (2014)
 All told they have 5 releases up on their page and 4 of them are Name Your Price plus you can pick up the new album Frostcrown for $6.66
Check all these goodies out HERE

 Next up staying in the States we have Cerulean from Tuscon, Arizona. These guys also play a Black/Death style and since forming only fairly recently in 2017 they have 2 releases available now...
Sky Burial - Single (2018)
Split with Voidlegacy (2017)
 Go and download these goodies now from their Bandcamp HERE

 Last up this week we have some Swedish Death Metal from Bastard Grave. These guys formed in 2012 and have 2 full albums and a demo out so far...
Unmarked Grave - Demo (2014)
All 3 releases are up on their Bandcamp page but I'm afraid only the demo is Name Your Price, the others you have to pay for. Check them out HERE

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