Thursday, 6 June 2019

Free Metal Show - 55

 First up we have a solo project by a chap called Cody Maillet which goes by the name of Cryostasium. Based in Boston, Massachusetts USA this project started life in 1999 as Abhorrer before changing it in 2002. The project plays Black Metal/Ambient/Industrial and there are a ton of releases up on their Bandcamp page and a fair few of them are Free/name your price...
Cryostasium - Full (2014)
Starbound - EP (2017)

Go check out the Bandcamp page to see what they have going HERE

 Next up we have some brutality from Scotland's Operation Cunt Destroyer. This Slam/Brutal Death Metal/Deathcore band were around from 2014 - 2017 and managed to put out 6 releases in that time, all of which had some 'interesting' art work and song themes!
Demo 2014
Operation Cunt Destroyer - EP (2016)

You can check them all out and download them from their Bandcamp page HERE

Lastly this week here is some cool Cthulhu inspired Symphonic Black Metal from New Hampshire's Cyclopean. Born in 2012 this project is all the work of Caleb Hennessy who has released 2 EPs so far....

The Hound of Tindalos - 2015
The Madness from the Sea - 2016

Both of these Lovecraftian gems are up on the Bandcamp page HERE

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