Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Dem Old Tapes - Part 38 - Headwound

Headwound seem to have no online presence at all, no Metal Archives page or anything and a search brings up no information. I got this demo from band member Craig way back in 1994 I would guess. I featured a track on my compilation tapes and did an interview with him in my zine I think. I am not sure if there were anymore Headwound releases, I think there were but can't recall for sure but I do know that Craig went on to form the Punk/Metal/Alternative band 1000 Scars. They are still going strong so go and follow their Facebook page.

I got in touch with Craig and he pointed me towards an official page for Headwound, check it out if you dig the music

Guitar/Vocals - Craig
Bass Guitar - Lee

Mind Damnation
Destroy Yourself
Suffer Jesus

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