Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Dem Old Tapes - Part 42 - Flesh Feast

For this week's look at an old tape from my collection we have Flesh Feast a Death Metal band from Wigan, England. There isn't too much up about them online, they seem to have no social media page that I can see. I interviewed them back in my zine days I am sure plus they came and played at the club I put on back in the 90's too. 
They released 3 demos back in 1996, 2 of them are basically the same demo but one has a different packaging and an extra track. This is their 1st demo according to Metal Archives but in an additional note on there it says it is their 2nd so the 1st is not listed on the site. 

Track List
I Didn't Do It
Cannabalizing Cravings for Embryonic Flesh
Distinguishing Murder from Suicide
Welcome to Die / Massacre Hotel
Mind of a Maniac
Covered with Flies

Rob - Bass
Dave - Drums
John - Guitars
Juz - Vocals, Guitars

There is a video of this demo on YouTube with lyrics and images and possibly with a better sound which you can check out HERE

I put the demo into archive as well, I hope none of the old band members will mind. I will be playing a track on the podcast Sunday too so please check it out. Whilst you are waiting you can listen to last week's show HERE

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