Thursday, 18 July 2019

Free Metal Show - 60

1st up this week we kick off with some great Power/Thrash from Dartford, Kent in England in the form of Prolapse A.D. they formed in 2011 as just Prolapse, adding the A.D.2016 to avoid confusion with another UK band. They have a full-length album and a single out so far...
...both of them are up name your price on their Bandcamp page HERE

 Next up we have this Russian trio Pincher, who have been "delivering the finest metal/punk/hardcore since 2009." Hailing from Moscow they have an album and a single up name your price on their Bandcamp.

So go and download some stuff from them NOW! on this link HERE

 Lastly this week we have some more cool Thrash from the Ukraine. Zombie Attack have been active since 2010 and have an EP, a split, 2 singles and a full length out so far.

There's a batch of stuff up on their Bandcamp going for name your price HERE

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