Wednesday, 28 October 2020


For this blog we are chatting with Gravehuffer a Thrash Metal/Crust/Grindcore band from Joplin, Missouri. They formed back in 2008 and have 2 full length albums, 3 splits, an EP and a compilation to their names so far. They also have their 3rd album "NecroEclosion" coming soon. So we thought this was the ideal time to get all the Gravehuffer gossip from them. 

I am joined for this interview by my mate Elric from Into the Pit, on Metal Devastation Radio. We've both played Gravehuffer plenty of times on our respective shows, so it's great to get to talk to them on my YouTube channel. Check out the video below.

Jay Willis - Drums
Travis McKenzie - Vocals
Mike Jilge - Bass 
Ritchie Randall - Guitars



A week after the interview I had a chat with the guys as part of my Music Memories series and here's that interview

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