Thursday, 15 February 2018

Free Metal Show - 6

First up for this week's show of cool free metal you can pick up online right now is a couple of releases by melodic Death Metal band Faces of Cain from The Netherlands.

They have an EP from 2014 "Archetype of Might" and their debut 20l6 full length album "Along Corpse Roads" available name your price on Bandcamp

Gremlin out've Cleveland Ohio are a blackened Death/Thrash metal  band who have one self-titled demo out so far. This 4 track release is up for grabs from their page.

Lastly for today we have these guys ÜMLÄÜT from Indiana and Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I am not sure if they are still active but I am guessing not as their Facebook page is rarely updated and posts I have made on it have gone unnoticed. They do have a cool, slightly rough edged but interesting demo available called The Voma Demos though that you can pick up from here

Check out some great music

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