Thursday, 22 February 2018

Free Metal Show - 7

Here you go folks another post with some more cool free downloadables for you all to check out and hopefully enjoy. 1st up we have this cool little free compilation from Tribunal Records and  their subsidiary Divebomb Records out of Greensboro, North Carolina. With tracks by Old Wolf, Gross Reality, Synaptik, Ironflame, Bewitcher, Lunar, Lovell's Blade, Excruciator, Substratum, Witching Altar, Ariete, Weaponlord and Warlok. 
It's well worth downloading to find out about these cool bands before maybe splashing out on their albums.

Next up we have Doom/Stoner band Salt The Snail. Their music is an auditory assault reminiscent of the psychedelic experience Think Yob, Navaho Witch, Weekend Nachos, and Pallbearer thrown into a blender and then sprinkled with the humour of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, in the bleak depths of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

The new album "Cultivating Mass" is coming Spring 2018. Check out their self-titled demo HERE

Lastly for this week these guys Black Sabre from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts have 3 demos of straight-up old school Heavy/Speed Metal for you to check out on their Bandcamp page, they are all free to download, so go and check them out.

Check out some great music

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