Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Catman Jack 50's Hop - Show 40 - April 2018

Spring is well and truly here and Catman Jack's got plenty of great tracks this month to put a spring in your step and bop in your dancing feet! With great tracks, new and old by

Billy Carr
Jake Calypso And Archie Lee Hooker
Marti Brom
Old Stuff Trio
Pamela Law
The Catalinas
Young Jessie
Red Foley
Piano Red
The Slapbacks
Wynona Carr
Ronnie Dawson
Carrie Thacquer/Don Wan and his Troubadors
Merril E.Moore
Benny and The FlyByNighters
Ray Scott
The Booze Bombs
Buddy Holly
Moon Mullican
Los Benders
Pretty Boy (Don Covay)
Gene Vincent
The Daylighters
Don Feger
Al Terry
Marlon Grisham
Lynn August

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