Saturday, 28 April 2018

Stuka Squadron video

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So I'm on Facebook and I see that these undead vampire WW2 German fighter pilots known as Stuka Squadron are doing a video shoot!! I've seen them play a few times and filmed them for Metal Perv TV and this was going on near to me so I thought. "Hell yeah, why not?" So I got on board with it for a bit of fun. It wasn't far from the DC Superheroes exhibition that I had already visited earlier in the same week, check out my geeky blog about that HERE.

It was quite a long day as these things tend to be, with a lot of waiting around, (mostly in the pub so it wasn't all bad!) I took along my video camera for a bit of a behind the scenes/video diary.

Overall it was a fun day out, cool to see how these things get put together, I can't wait to see the finished result now. I bumped into vocalist Duke Fang on the tube a few weeks later and he said I was in it a fair bit, so that'll be fun I hope!! I will post the video up here when it is released :)

Here it is, you barely see me haha


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