Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Dem Old Tapes - Part 25 - Legion

This week's look at an old demo tape from my collection is by Polish Death Metal band Legion. These guys formed in 1993 and had 3 demos in their time. Metal Archives has no date for the band splitting up but their last demo "Anthems" was released in 1997. None of the band members from the final line-up appear to have moved on to other bands that I can see.

This is their 1st demo "Eon", the 1st of 2 to be released in 1995.  This came out on a label called Killer Records who brought out less than a handfull of releases.

Egger - Bass
Chris - Drums
Suchar - Guitars
Leshchu - Guitars
Lasza - Vocals

Side A
The Dream
Before the End 
Majestic Grief (Of Mine)
Lost Death

Side B
Forever Blowing Winds
At the Far End

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