Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Dem Old Tapes - Part 34 - Ectopia

 For this week's peek at one of Dem Old Tapes from my collection we have London Death Metal band Ectopia. These guys formed in 1992 and had 2 demos out in their time. This one "Hate Release" from 1993 was their 1st with their self-titled 2nd demo coming in 1996. I guess they must have split up sometime after this.

Track List
Ground Down  

Line-Up (last known)
John Rae - Drums
Ben Glover - Guitars

Toby Peters - Vocals, Bass

There was a Jim Mitchel in the band at some point too but Metal Archives doesn't know what he played.

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  1. Hi Grey Man. Nice to see someone still has an interest in Ectopia! I was the guitarist and yes Spenny was in the band for a few months. Cheers mate. Ben

    1. Cool glad you've seen this, please sub my YouTube channel