Sunday, 17 June 2018

High Speed Hangover Podcast - Show 248

Wow, this show is pretty short by modern standards, just 2 1/2 hours, so it's small but perfectly formed like my... erm no I won't go there I am a grown up who is sensible and not at all rude or juvenile!! So anyway exciting times ahead on this week's show, we have the usual nonsense, The Randomizer, Track 13, From Russia with Metal, Double of the Day & Poetry Corner, plus the new feature as of last week Dem Old Tapes and we got another letter sent in too!! Amaze-balls as us hip people like to say!! So spread the word, from all the far-flung corners of the galaxy to the mean streets of Paterson, New Jersey, "It's Sunday and that means High Speed Hangover podcast is go and podophiles and podomaniacs from all over the world rejoice at the awesome power of Metal and slay the unbelieving Anti-Pods with socks stuffed with pool balls and crunchy tissues from under the bed"

With tracks by -

Dementia 13


Barbarian Warriors in Search of Wisdom

Snake Fighter!!

Hospital of Death




Ondt Blod


13th Temple

Cyanide Grenade


Blissful Stream

Ardenne Heavy

American Standards


News Corpse



Epic Death



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