Thursday, 28 June 2018

Free Metal Show - 25

 Today's show is a rather dark and DOOM-laden affair kicking off with Photon from Belfast, Northern Island. This Sludge/Stoner outfit got together in 2014 and thus far have just the one EP to their name, a self-titled effort from 2015. I played them on my Superhero and my Space themed shows as I like the cut of their space-Doomy jib.

Get this crushing EP for free, or name your price, from their Bandcamp page HERE

Next up we have some more space-themed Stoner stuff, this time from Philadelphia in the USA, where Astroseer ply their Doomy trade. They also formed in 2014 and have a single "Saturn" and an EP called "Infinite Lapse" in their resume.
Go download these bad boys from HERE

Lastly for this week we have Hyponic, these guys from Hong Kong, China started out life as Doom/Death before trundling slowly towards Funeral Doom. They have 3 full-length albums to their names and their latest opus from 2016 is called 前行者, and no I have no idea how to pronounce that or even what it means!!
If you want to check it out, go get it from their Bandcamp page HERE


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