Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Dem Old Tapes - Part 20 - Cranial Torment

 Here's the 3rd of the 3 demos released by Cranial Torment a Death Metal band from Athens, Greece in 1999. They formed in 1998, releasing their 1st demo in 1998 and two in 1999. There is no mention of a split in Metal Archives but as they've had no releases for 19 years I think it's safe to imagine that they have. They were a 3 piece at one time but this demo was recorded as a 1-man band, with Bill Benakis on guitars/vocals. Costa Vaxevanos played drums on the 1st demo and has a vocal credit on the 1st track on this tape, I don't know who played drums on this it may be a drum machine.

 There's a bit more info on the band on this link HERE

There is no mention of either of these guys going on to be in any other bands so I am taking a chance putting this demo up online for people to stream/download if they wish, call it digital tape trading!!

Bill Benakis

Track List

Death Is Rising/Bodybug Lust
Thoughts of a Graverobber
Putrid Mass Mutilation
Amputation of Vital Organs 

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