Thursday, 17 May 2018

Free Metal Show - 19


Pandemic Outbreak are a really cool Speed/Thrash/Crossover band from Gdańsk, Poland who formed in 2014. I've played them a few times on my podcast and really dig their stuff.
2016 - Rise of The Damned

2018 - Collecting the Trophies
They have 2 EPs out which are both available on their Bandcamp HERE

Are you in the mood for some Funeral Doom/Black Metal/Ambient music? Well here's Rotting Sky from Portland, Oregon which is all the work of one guy Tim Messing. The project formed in 2006 and has 4 demos and a full length release called "Sedation". The 2 most recent demos..
Hellgaze (2009)

Ghost (2013)
are available HERE

Another cool solo project was Archmage from Rhode Island USA. This Black Metal band was created by John Rossi (also of Pilgrim & Rope and Knife) who brought out 2 cool demos both in 2017. Unfortunately he also died that same year. 
Realms of Magic


You can go and check out and download the demos HERE


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