Thursday, 19 July 2018

Free Metal Show - 28

First up this week from San Antonio, Texas we have Black/Death Metal band Hod, who've been around since 2007. Their name comes from the English name of the Norse God Hodur.They have a number of cool releases free on their Bandcamp
Full Length - 2014

The Uncreated - Demo 2013

Full Length - 2009

Limb Splitter II - Split 2012
Go and grab them from HERE

Now Hod above sometimes get mistaken for these guys Hospital of Death, who are also called HOD or H.O.D. for short. One thing they do have in common is having FREE stuff on Bandcamp, Yay!!
This Speed/Thrash band are from Warrington, England and have been around on and off since 1994, although they were most active from 2006. They have a demo, a single, and 2 full length albums 
Beer, Bitches, Blood - 2008

Surge Kill Steal - 2009
Both are fine slabs of catchy Metal that you can go pick up HERE

Finally also from the UK we have News Corpse, these technical Thrashers got together in 2014 and recorded their "Breaking News" EP in 2015
You can and should go and get it from HERE

That's it for this week, make sure you listen to my latest podcast and come back Sunday for the new one!!


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