Thursday, 5 July 2018

Free Metal Show - 26

We start off this week with some Thrash/Death/Metalcore from Geneva Switzerland in the form of Hellbrain. They formed in 2009 and have released a self-titled EP (2011) and an album "What We Left" (2015).
You can get the album from their Bandcamp page HERE

Next from Moscow, Russia we have D.I.Y Hardcore/Punk/Thrash band Antreib. They've been around since 2009 and have 4 releases up on their Bandcamp page for you to check out. 
The Exodus - 2017

Cut The Heads Off - 2016 (Also available in English!)
2016 album "Cut The Heads Off" is even available in Russian & English versions!! And these are all name your price on their Bandcamp HERE

Lastly there is a ton of stuff for you to check out by PlasticBag FaceMask. This duo from Fresno, California, USA got together in 2008, one of them loves Deathcore, the other Grindcore and they both love Mathcore and this is the result of those influences. They also have done some collaborations with friends. 
Pangea - 2013

Vegetus: Life on the Vedge - Split with Forest Whitaker

How to Kill a Dead Franchise - 2018
There are 10 releases up name your price on their Bandcamp page HERE. Go and check them out.


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