Thursday, 24 January 2019

Free Metal Show - 49

 1st up this week from "The depths of Helltown.." we have Thrash, Crossover, Grindcore, Metal band Panterosmith!! This 2 piece band have a couple of EPs up on their Bandcamp...

...Bad Fruits from 2017...

and 2018's "Beer Snake". 

Go get them from their page HERE

 Now we have some cool Thrash from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia in the form of Sabretung. These guys were around from 2005 - 2014 and put out 2 full length albums and an EP in that time.
 The 2006 EP "The Price is Pain"...

...and their 1st album "Conquest" from 2011 are both name your price on their Bandcamp page HERE

Now for some Doom/Sludge Metal from Chicago, Illinois' Messiah Witch. This band formed in 2013 and have a demo and an album out so far.
Their 2014 album "Don't Forget to Kill Yourself" is up on their Bandcamp page, go and check it out now, HERE

Check out this week's podcast show HERE


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