Thursday, 23 August 2018

Free Metal Show - 32

First up is a band I have played on my show a few times and I've got to say I love their brand of Doom, especially when they bring in some Lovecraftian influence. These guys, Tortured Spirit, are from M√ľnster, Germany and formed in 2004. They have released a split, a live album, a demo and two full-length albums with the latter 3 releases all available as Name Your Price on their Bandcamp page.
Broken Soul - Demo - 2004

The Mentally Ill - Full Album - 2007
Arkham Sanitarium - Full - 2009

Go to their Bandcamp page HERE and download their cool stuff

Next we have some immense Instrumental Drone/Doom from Glasgow, Scotland. These guys are called Ommadon but at night they release their alter-ego, the beast called Bryagh. "Bryagh is the beast within which Ommadon releases after dark. All recordings are completely live and improvised through the night."

They have a ton of improvised recordings under their belts with 2 demos, 2 splits and six full-lengths most of which can be obtained in digital format from their Bandcamp page
End Times - 2018

OMMADON - 2016

Empathy for the Wicked - 2015
Go and check out their page HERE there is a ton of music on there just waiting for you to click download.

Lastly for this show, after all the doom, we have some Death Metal/Hardcore in the form of Casket Feeder from Milton Keynes in the UK. They formed in 2016 and already have 2 EPs under their belts...
Venemous Tongues - 2017

Scalps - 2018
Once again you just have to nip to their Bandcamp page HERE and then start downloading those bad boys!!!

Come back next week for more cool free music and check out this week's podcast if you didn't already HERE


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