Thursday, 9 August 2018

Free Metal Show - 30

First up today from Russia we have GoreGrinders GerbeЯ, they formed in 2013 and have a demo, 2 full length albums and 3 splits to their names so far

Have a listen with the player above and if you like it go get their releases from their Bandcamp HERE

Next up from London in the UK we have Ophiukhus who play Black/Death/Doom Metal. 
Forming in 2012 they have a demo...
The All Engulfing Deluge of Isfet - 2014
... and some tracks off of a split...
Split 2016 - Lunar Occultation

... available from their Bandcamp page HERE

Lastly for this week's trio of lovely FREE Metal we have Cementerio from Chihuahua in Mexico. Formed in 2011 these Groove Metal dudes have an EP and a single under their belts
2014 EP - 1519 E.C.

2015 single - Tribu (Siné Arihuá)

Give it a listen and then go pick it up HERE if you dig their sound.

That's it for this week, check out my latest podcast if you haven't already yet and share these cool bands with your friends \m/


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