Thursday, 13 September 2018

Free Metal Show - 35

Here we go, 1st up get a load of these Death Metal maniacs from Christchurch, New Zealand. These guys are Decimated King, they formed in 2007 and have an EP and 2 demo tracks released so far.
Ashes EP - 2012
All of these are name your price on their Bandcamp page HERE

Next up we have Sloth King, (are you seeing a theme develop yet?), these guys play Doom Metal, formed in 2014 and hail from Germany. They have a self-titled EP out from 2015.
Which you can go get name your price from HERE

For the last band, here is Rhino King, yes a trio of free kings of Metal!! This Sludge/Doom Metal band from Boston, Massachussetts formed in 2014 and have a demo and an EP both from 2015.
Their EP "Beneath The Waves" is name your price on their Bandcamp page HERE

I played all these bands in my KINGS themed show, you can check it out HERE

Plus, listen to this week's show if you didn't already HERE


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